Friday, November 15, 2013

Keep Calm and Don't Worry About It

I’m just sitting outside enjoying the cooler weather, sipping a frappuccino from Starbucks waiting for a group of women for a band meeting. I decided to do some pondering and looking back on the past few weeks and wonder about where I am going from here.

I have been thrown into this and the PTSA group mostly by accident. I say that because I totally don't fit in with these women. I feel like the farthest thing from what you would imagine a PTA mom to be. My parenting skills are far off the beaten path and I had Chelsea very young so I’m not in the age group of most of the women.

But I’m here. I’m here cause I get websites and they can use someone. That’s fine. I enjoy doing websites and social media. I enjoy communications and reaching out to people...well as long as I’m behind a computer screen and keyboard. I’m not good with large groups outside my circle of friends. I feel very out of place with them.

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One mom stated her kid does tae kwon do at the last meeting I attended. I though wow...something in common. Chelsea is a red belt black tip. Then came the kicker. They do it at a local Christian church. Well that got shut down fast. I am open about not being Christian.  I’m actually against most organized religion. Not that it isn’t good for some...maybe for most, but not for me.

I'm open minded enough not to go against their beliefs, just most of the Christians I come across aren’t open minded enough to accept me for me. They want to convert or change me. No thank you. So now I'm in this group of women feeling like a total freak of nature. They talk and it all sounds Greek to me. I wish I could connect. Maybe one day. I think I'll have to open myself up a bit more before that can happen.

Lesson 3: Keep calm and don't worry about it. I may find a connection with them. Maybe not. Who knows? I'll still do my job as best as possible. This is what I always wanted right. To be more involved in Chelsea's school and to help improve the school somehow. Well the website is my ticket in to the group. Now let’s see how the rest flows together. 

If I make connections with the mothers, great. If not, my life won’t really change all that much. I will still be me trying to do the best I can for Chelsea in the end. Instead I am just going to focus my energy on building the best damn website this school has ever seen, well at least the pages I can control and the lack of anything decent for tools, but I’ll make the best of it and kick its butt all around. At least I can have some fun with the school’s PTA Facebook page.

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