Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Personal Fight Against Monsanto

Over the last couple months I have been researching the fight against Monsanto. As a person who works in the renewable energy and green industry I was amazed at how far behind the fight I was. Now, as a parent and a generally good person who tries to look out for those around me, I feel like I am responsible for their lack of healthy foods and health issues caused by GMO. 

My daughter is ADHD and I always thought it was probably genetic. I have always had a short attention span, but I always attested it to be from sheer boredom. When my daughter went from almost all A’s to D’s and F’s I knew something was wrong. I have since put her on medication to help and she is back to mostly A’s. I’m not saying she isn’t ADHD and GMO has everything to do with it, but I would like her to thrive off medications since we still aren’t 100% sure on the side effects of all these medicines.

After learning of all the dangers of GMO foods and how Monsanto doesn’t seem to care about the health and wellbeing of the general population, I have been removing possible GMO foods out of my home and changing over to known non-GMO food sources and healthy alternatives. I went on my first real trip to a Whole Foods Market and Fresh Market in my area to pick up some supplies. I’m happy to say this is completely possible without breaking the bank.

That doesn’t mean I just threw out all the food in my cupboards; I can’t afford to do that. I am using up what I have and introducing the new foods that are being replaced when something runs out to help save costs and make the transition a little easier with my household. I personally was raised vegetarian, so an “odd” diet is easy for me adjust to, but with my daughter being raised on Kraft, General Mills and many other products that aren’t “safe” anymore, this is a little more difficult. Even my significant other is used to Hamburger Helper and tons of boxed foods that is no longer an option in my home. 

To make this transition simpler, I made out a menu list for the next 2 weeks that includes our “normal” eating habits such as taco night, sloppy joes, steaks and veggies on the grill and meatless options such as potato soup and tortellini veggie soup. I went to the new amazing grocery stores and picked up anything needed for the two weeks that was not already in stock at home. I ended up spending about the same as if I would have gone to my local grocery store and feel better since now my family will be provided much healthier foods without all the additives. 

One of the best things about these non-GMO healthy foods is the fact you can read and comprehend every single ingredient on the package. No strange words that you would need to look up online. One of my other favorite things is the ability to purchase local goods over any other brand since Whole Foods Market actually labels their local brands. The only thing I didn’t purchase from them was my produce, which I got from my local farmer’s market just around the corner from my home, and I’ll do that while I set up my own edible landscape at home.

My fight may be a little slower to start than you would expect, and it will take me a little longer to purge my home of all the bad foods, but by summer’s end I hope to be rid of all non-organic, GMO laden foods. I am also going to work with my daughter to get her off her meds through the next school year. I hope Monsanto gets taken down, or at least has to label their foods and inform the public of the side effects of their process.

Updated: My daughter has come off her meds, and with the support of her amazing teachers, we are succeeding. More people need to understand that food can seriously effect your children and making sure to feed them good foods is key to their health and well being. Read more about a great study on the Whole New Mom

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