Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life Loves to Throw You Tests

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I don't test well and make myself sick thinking about and upcoming test. The butterflies in your stomach, nerves making you want to go insane, and I do this no matter what type of test life is deciding to throw my way. I've always done well in school, but no matter how much I study, the day of and the days leading up to the test I am so crazy scared.

Everyone says just relax, you will do fine. You always do great when you really want something, but all the encouragement in the world doesn't help. It just makes me feel like I now have to definitely pass this next life test to prove again that I can do it, not matter what "it" is.

So I have a test coming up. I am studying like crazy, doing research, reading everything I can get my hands on, writing down ideas and study notes, everything I can do to prepare. I'm just hoping I do well in the end to get the result I desire.

Lesson 7: Keep calm and trust in yourself. I know I can do this. I may stumble, I may balk a little, but I know I have prepared myself, I know the information and I will be able to do this.

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